Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Very Hinckley Halloween

Wow.  This all still feels like a dream.

Here is the birth journal I wrote while still at the hospital.  I'm still processing all of it but wanted to record it as soon as I could before life sped up.  It's pretty tame as far as details, but feel free to skip it and just glance at photos.  :)

Mom, Danny and Jake came for a visit and got way more than they bargained for!  

After a busy Friday of cleaning the house and then going to the ward trunk or treat with the family (Jake surprised Dane by showing up there) and a fun-filled Saturday, I was exhausted.  Early Sunday morning, around 2:30 or so, I woke up and needed to go to the bathroom.  It felt like contractions, but since I had never had “false labor,” I didn’t want to mistakenly get my hopes up.  After a half hour or so, I started to realize these were probably the real thing.  It was 3:15.  They got stronger and longer and I started getting ready. 
I gathered all my gear and texted Bob who had offered to drive down and help with Atticus.  I woke Dane at 4 and after he got ready and we had timed the contractions (1 min or so long, 3-5 min apart) we raced to the hospital.  
I was dilated at a 7 or 8 when we got there.  This was for real!  Soon we found out that my midwife was on call (hooray!) so she came soon afterward.
The labor went on slowly but steadily.  I definitely felt like I had longer breaks in between than I had with Atticus, and sometimes I almost fell asleep between contractions!  When it felt like the baby was ready to push, things seemed to slow down.  The midwife suggested breaking the membrane (water), calling it an “eject button,” and we went for it.  She was right!  I think the baby came in 15 minutes or so.

Dane was a superhero and helped me through every contraction.  He was even a major part of the pushing at the end, which was pretty cool (his being a part of it- not the pushing, itself!) Oh so painful, but I figured it out a bit more so it was a lot faster.  The entire labor was roughly six hours, which was about the time it took for Atticus to come once the pitocin set in (it was 11 hrs from the time my water broke with him).
Baby Hinckley came at 8:48 AM, 6 lbs, 9 oz, and was 19 in long.  He’s small but old enough to be eating like a champ, which translates to sleeping well.  Hooray!  Such a difference from his brother!
He is absolutely darling, has curly dark hair.  His little face was bruised but looks a lot like Atticus did to me.  He is so quiet and chill and actually enjoys being swaddled- big change from Atticus.  But when you get him cold or bug him he does let you know!  We're loving our quiet time with him.

So far, Atticus is a champ as a big brother.  He sang I am a child of god to him and was giving him kisses and touching his head softly.  He wants to hold his “special baby” and give him toys. He kept asking me if I was coming to his house, ha ha.  
I have to admit, by the third night in the hospital, I wanted to come to Atticus's house as much or more than he did.  I called using FaceTime and he wouldn't let Dane hang up- he ran into a corner with the phone and was telling them he wouldn't let them have the phone.  As much as I knew I should probably convince him otherwise, all I could say was, "I don't want to hang up, either, buddy!"

The miracles for this birth are many- first, that we made it this far (my goal was 38 weeks!)  Little Hinckley stayed put until he was full term!  
Second, that my mom and brother, Danny were in town.  Their trip was only three days but somehow the Lord orchestrated it so that she could hold the baby and then head home (her poor heart was struggling and she just needed to get back home where she could rest!). 
Third, that Dane’s cousin, Jake was also in town.  We had three sleeping adults at the house when we left for the hospital, so Atticus was able to sleep peacefully and we didn’t have to call any neighbors or friends!  Then, when I worried because we had left my birthing ball at the house, Jake just so happened to be awake at 5 AM when Dane called, brought us the ball, and was there for Atticus when He woke up.  Jake made Atticus breakfast and got him dressed for church, then dropped Mom, A and Danny off for church.  Heck, he even cleaned our house!
Needless to say, I don’t think it was at all coincidental that the baby came when we had so many loving family members to help Atticus out.
Bob is also a miracle- my mom and Marti are just not in a position to help in the traditional way, so when Bob offered to come down and help with Atticus, it was a no-brainer.  They have such a special bond and it gave me such peace while in the hospital.
Speaking of Bob, a fun coincidence/blessing is that Hinckley, whose middle name is after Bob, was born the day before him.  I have a feeling we’ll be celebrating together pretty regularly. 
A final miracle I should mention is the outpouring of love and service we've had from our friends and ward members here.  We have a week of meals lined up (Seriously?  a week?!  We are overwhelmed with gratitude!)  And dear friends have been helping us so much in every ways.  Sweet McKay took Atticus trick or treating on Halloween (I guess he was a pooped little boy, so they were very patient with him- thank you!), my friend Ginger brought lifesaving chocolate and took newborn photos, and the service that has been rendered and offered just continues.  I wish I knew a way to adequately show our gratitude.

Well, it's time to sign off and be a mom for the next little while.  Here are a few photos we've been able to take over the last couple days.  Other than Atticus's occasional (understandable) outbursts, it's a little bit of heaven around here.  We love this baby's smell, his smiles, his cries, his tiny thighs, and are just, overall, more relaxed.  It's so nice to be able to enjoy the moment more this time around.

The photo above (in the car seat) was taken when we (finally!) got to go home.
He is just so tiny!  We're just trying to enjoy every second.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

How About a Hug?

This month Atticus has been especially cuddly.  He'll just tell us, "I want a hug," where before we'd have to ask and he would often resist.

A favorite example took place on Oct. 20.  We were spending a quiet morning at home and I decided to try to go over colors with him again.  It wasn't going well and he saw that I was upset.

"What's wrong, Mommy?" he asked.

"I'm just worried about you," I told him.

He thought about this for several seconds, then asked, "How about a hug?"

Needless to say, we love this newfound affinity for affection!
October is seriously the most gorgeous, perfect month in our neck of the woods.  Almost every evening I tell Dane that I want to sleep outside.  One of these days I just might.

On top of the lovely weather, I've felt motivated to celebrate the holiday as much as possible before the baby comes, all of which amounts to our going on plenty of adventures and taking waaaay more pictures than anyone has a right to.

Gilcrease Orchard with our Joy School group:

 (35.5 weeks along in this photo, FYI)
 Yep- Atticus was being difficult in the group photo above.

More Joyschool moments:
 F is for Fort and Fashion (yes, Atticus was Spiderman).

Early in the month we had a delightful visit from Bobba.
I'm afraid it wasn't a very relaxing vacation for him, but we so appreciated all of the ways he found to serve us.  Hopefully we'll be able to give him the royal treatment he deserves in the future.

We especially LOVE the chair that he carted down, a gift from Mimi.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who was a part of getting the chair down to us!  We've already spent hours in it and look forward to many more.
While Bobba was here, we decided to have an impromptu FHE on speaking kind words (sweet words vs. sour words).  Here's some documentation:
Unfortunately, we failed to take Atticus's unusual pallet into consideration.  When asked if he liked the "sour" taste (for sour words), he answered in the affirmative.  

Oops!  Maybe we'll have to try something bitter next time...

Our second set of visitors came at the end of the month.  It was a whirlwind, especially since Hinckley made his arrival, but we did have a good time.  

"I'm gonna kill _____________ as a door nail" (this goes for everything- you, my hair, your face, your tummy, the bad guys, etc.  It's gotten to the point that we are treating "kill" as a bad word.

"I don't like Lamanites!" (said several nights over the course of the month as he tried to go to sleep.  Lamanites are the new monsters?)

"Give, said the little stream... screaming, screaming all the day..."

"Butt of a poop!" "Poop on your head!" and other such savory sentences (yes, we've discovered the wonderful world of potty language, I'm afraid...)

"What is this?" in reference to cotton candy, as though it wasn't food.  :)  Don't worry- he loved it and was asking for more!

He's learned to pedal a bike from our neighbors

The biggest milestone of the month- other than becoming a big brother?


This was completely unexpected for us and the timing couldn't be better.

Sure, he had shown more interest, going from yelling at us if we even mentioned poop to running with me to the bathroom while singing a jingle from Daniel Tiger's neighborhood, "If you have to go potty stop right away; flush and wash and be on your way!"  But I really had been keeping my expectations low.

Basically, the Wednesday before his little brother was born, we were at a park with some friends when Atticus ran up to me and said, "Mommy, I have to go potty!"  He had NEVER asked to go in public, especially because he had always said he was afraid he'd fall in big potties.

I almost told him, "No you don't!" but am so glad I restrained myself and "played along," or so I thought. But he went, washed his hands, and it was a great experience.  Two days later, he wanted to wear undies (which we'd tried once or twice before).  I decided to try a new way to motivate him.  I told him that if he stayed dry all day, with no accidents, we would order some Spider-Man undies.

I'm not sure if it was the promised reward or just the timing, but he did great all day, just in time for the arrival of his grandma and two uncles (maybe it was also because he knew they were coming?)   He even stopped in the middle of our ward trunk or treat that night and told me he had to go!-  We ran in with another little friend and proudly showed him how to go potty.  The day had been a success and the undies were ordered.

With Hinckley's arrival two days after that, I was sure that Atticus might regress as far as the potty was concerned, but so far he's stuck to it.  Maybe having several different adults was helpful.  I'm not sure.

The only thing I'm sure of is that, with a new baby in the home, the timing couldn't be better for our big boy to be using the potty!  Hooray!!!