Sunday, July 2, 2017

I Grow Beard, Mommy

My, oh my was June fun!

It started off with a pretty fun development- I felt our little peanut kicking early on June 5th!  That's always reassuring.  Maybe he knew it was Dane and my 5th anniversary the next day...

We decided to celebrate 5 years by going to  a SUPER fancy restaurant (it's called Tacos and Beer, ha ha!)  No alcohol was consumed (cross my heart!) and the food was awesome.  It was great to reflect on where we've been and how very, very blessed we are.

One of those blessings (it's superficial, but huge to a pregnant mama) has been swimming.  We've been out almost every day (because, yes, we had some record setting heat this month!) and I'm excited to report that Atticus is able to get around the entire pool, slowly but surely, with his floaties!  We'll see how his swim lessons go in July.

Here are fun moments from the beginning of the month-
 A source of excitement (and anxiety) at the beginning of the month was Atticus's first sleep terror.  It was scary and confusing for me but, thank heavens, Dane stepped in and knew just what to do.  We haven't had any encore performances but there just may be more in the future.

We also had a quick summer illness that came and went in just a matter of days.  He had a fever for a little less than two days and then he was back to his cute self.  We counted ourselves lucky it was so short-lived.

Atticus is a lucky duck and got to go to his first movie at the theater.  It was Alvin and the Chipmunks but you'd never know it by how entertained our little man was!  He shocked me by sitting through the entire thing, spellbound.  In fact, when the end credits began rolling, he didn't want to get up!  It looks like we have another cinephile in the family.   The photo above shows him with a friend outside the the theater before the movie started.

We also held our last toddler music class before stopping for the summer.  Here's proof that Atticus occasionally sings in public.

The most anticipated event, of course, was our trip up to see family in Utah.  We spent six nights there and had a wonderful time.  The biggest reason we went was to see my Uncle Rob, but we also thought we would go ahead and do a gender reveal while we were there:

Here are some highlights of the trip:

-Riding up with Kazie and Bowman, who joined us (still "Dazie" and "Bowden" to Atticus)
-Picking strawberries and getting eggs at Mimi's house
-Fighting over Uncle Danny ("This is MY Uncle Danny!")  And just fighting, in general, ha ha
-A "hike" (nature walk) near Tibble Fork Reservoir
-The Lehi Roundup Rodeo

-Temple Square
-The Lehi Roundup Parade ("Candies, Mommy!")
-Lunch at La Costa and celebrating my beautiful sister's birthday
-Driving a generous neighbor's golf cart
-A forest fire on a nearby mountain (it never got too out of control, thank goodness!)

-Nana and Bobba's beautiful, luscious lawn

-LOTS of reading and books
-Breakfast and relaxing with Great-Grandma Zoe and Great-Grandpa Ernie
-And an amazing holiday mashup party held by our friend and former realtor, Joe Willis.

Atticus loved the petting zoo, meeting beach Santa and his awesome Batman face paint!

Here are some fun Atticusisms we caught throughout it all:
  • Called his little friend his daughter and had her sit on his lap in nursery.  She loved it.
  • "I want show you my trick" (still a favorite)
  • There were a few nights in a row that he'd tell me to "Go back to sleep, Mom.  Close your eyes, Mom.  Sleep good, Mom," after waking up around 9:30.
  • "I don't want ghost wake me up." (He's developing a LOT of fears, I'm afraid!)
  • "Thank you [for] pokey horns." (This was during prayer about the steers he saw in the rodeo.)
  • Wakes up from nap (multiple times) and says, "I grow beard, Mommy."
    Here's some chocolatey proof:

We capped the month with a big milestone: Having Atticus sleep in a big boy bed!  We've had a couple rougher nights here and there and it seems that this little boy will hate naptime and bedtime forever, but it's going far better than we expected.
Sleep tight, little munchkin.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

I Love Star Wars, Daddy

May was a much better/easier month for the Maes family, especially the second half.  This is mostly because my morning sickness eased up by the 18th (Mother's Day, as it turned out).  And it was a beautiful Mother's Day!  Atticus and Dane got me flowers, helped make dinner, let me nap and, best of all, I had the morning off!  The first time in two and a half years!!  It was fantastic.

Before the occasion Atticus and I made some bouquets of our own for his wonderful grandmas:
We both had a blast making these.

  Here are the finished products.  He was so proud!  "I made this!"

From what I hear, the weather here has been unusually amazing.  We love it and are taking advantage as long as we can before the heat sets in. 
 We've spent more time at the park.
 And a little more time on the bicycle (see the last post for videos).

I am happy to report that he got his third official haircut and this time went far better than his last!  After watching his best friend get a haircut, all the while eating a popsicle, Atticus said he wanted a popsicle.  Bowman's grandma wisely told him, "These are haircut popsicles."  So Atticus decided he wanted a haircut and was VERY well behaved, taking bites from a popsicle (he had his mouth wide open and was leaning forward like a baby bird) the entire time.  Three cheers for positive peer pressure!

Oh, how we love conversing with this little human.  He LOVES singing and is getting so he uses complete sentences a great deal of the time.  Even better, he is getting more and more hilarious as the wheels in his mind turn.  Here are a few of his most common sayings from the last couple of months, plus a few of our favorite moments of May:

  • "I don't like ______."  After a second or two, "I want _______, Mom."
  • "Let's hide!"
  • "_________ coming, get you, Atticus!" (Fill in the blank with Daddy, Darth Maul, Master Yoda, Lion, doggy, storm, Darth Vader...)
  • "Woar!" (I caught him practicing this in the mirror today!  😂 Did we mention this is at anyone, but especially at girls of all ages- I'm afraid he likes getting a reaction and has described himself as being mean when he does it).
  • "It's yucky." (This is in reference to any food that appears to have an imperfection of any conceivable kind)
  • "What that?"  Receives an answer.  "Oh.  Oh-oh-tay."
  • "No sleepy!" (means both "I'm not sleepy!" and "There will be no sleeping!")
  • "Mommy sick.  Mommy tummy hurt!" (This was especially common throughout April and the first half of May when I was laying down a whole lot.)
  • I'm afraid he's getting pretty bossy, for example, yelling at kids who he sees as being naughty (i.e. "Turn light ON!" Etc.)
  • He's started saying, "It's okay, Mommy," instead of "I'm sorry," all the while rubbing my head or shoulder.  But he is still quick to hug and say, "I'm sorry," too.
  • He told Mommy she has breath that is like a "stinky diaper" a few weeks ago. 
  • "I want to see boobies, Mommy."  😂😂😂
  • I lean down next to him and he observes a "hole" down my shirt (cleavage- increasing from pregnancy, I'm sorry to say).  He asks, "What's that?"  I tell him it's a hole in my shirt and he thinks for a second, "Baby crawl up hole!"
  • After Dane pours water on him in the tub he says, "I don't like Daddy!" to which Bobba and I respond, "Yes you do- you love Daddy.  Tell Daddy you love him!"  Atticus thinks for a minute, looking at his Daddy, and says, "I love Star Wars, Daddy."  For Dane it was even better than him saying, "I love you" to him.
We saved the best for last.  The best part of May was having Bobba come and visit again.  He brought Atticus all kinds of goodies.
More importantly, he made our little boy feel loved in a way that only Bobba can.  It was a wonderful weekend.  We just hope Nana can make it next time!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Boy and his Bicycle

Atticus is a very cautious boy so we've been thrilled that, slowly but surely, he has improved in riding his strider bike.  Here are the videos we've taken, thus far, to show his progression:






Monday, May 1, 2017

The Truth is Poop

Oh my goodness April has been a busy, busy month!
Before I tell you why, allow me to explain the title.  Atticus is not into potty training.  At all.  In fact, whenever we ask him if he has pooped he begins yelling, "NOOO!  NO POOP!" and the like.  Unfortunately, this isn't always true.  So we wanted to teach him about truth and lies.  We started asking him, "Atticus, that's not the truth!  What's the truth?!"  He started responding, "The truth is... poop."  Well, we're not sure if he understands the concept of "truth" yet, but it has made for some fun conversations. 
Here are some memorable moments we've had in between the craziness.  Atticus loves to "ride" his dinosaur and attack people, going "Woar, Woar!"  He also has been choosing some interesting outfits when I let him, as is the case with this winning number- complete with Mom's hat and belt.  He's still into bowties and is learning (slowly) to sleep in his new toddler bed.  This might take a while.  He can sing the whole ABCs and often asks me to make them with his playdough.  He is a cheeseball, and the last time we went swinging he started imitating the girl next to him by throwing his head back and smiling.  I'm still not sure if he was making fun of her or just thought it was the proper way to swing...
On top of the usual laughter (and tears- many tears!) of toddlerhood, we finally made it public that we are expecting a new baby.  This is, without question, a miracle for our family.  Dane and I can't begin to express our gratitude for the friends and family who've expressed so much love and support.  We feel so blessed and just wish it was a gift that we could share and give to other, amazing families and parents who struggle with fertility.

Thank heavens the word is out, because I was starting to run out of excuses for my irritability, increased forgetfulness and ridiculously large baby bump for how far along I am.

Then there was Easter.  We had some sweet neighbors "egg" us on Friday (they left 12 eggs for Atticus, one of which was empty to represent the empty tomb).
 Then, Saturday and Sunday we were able to spend time with some other awesome friends to celebrate their daughter's birthday and Easter.  We had a fantastic time!
 Atticus loved wearing these leis.  He kept wearing them just about every day for the next week!
 Atticus's little friend is so sweet!  She blew out two of her candles and then insisted on having Atticus help her blow out the last two.  He was happy to comply!

 The day was complete with an Easter egg hunt.
With only four toddlers looking, each of the kiddos made out big!

Of course, the Easter Bunny (known as "Peter Rabbit" where I come from) made his appearance earlier that morning.  It was so fun to watch our groggy little boy look for his basket for the first time:
 A new bike, helmet, soccer outfit, and other goodies!  He was thrilled.  Especially with his first chocolate bunny (He took exactly one bite and was "All done!"  Ha!)
There has, of course, been some action with the bicycle. Well, as much action as can be expected from a very, very cautious little boy.

 Our greatest source of busyness, however, has been guests.

When we were looking at houses last fall, one of my biggest hopes was that we would find a home big and comfortable enough that we would have guests come regularly.  Well, this month I got my wish!

Toward the beginning of the month we saw my sister and her family.  They didn't stay with us but we did get to hang out a couple times.  We'll need to get more pictures next time.
Then, almost a week after Easter, my sweet mom and big brother came down for the weekend.  Boy, did Atticus have fun with Mimi and Uncle Danny!

Here's some dancing at our favorite, Skinny Fats:
Here's our trip to the Lion Habitat Ranch down in Henderson.

Atticus was VERY cautious around the lions at first.
He was not shy, however, around the giraffe!  At one point, when he saw the other kids feeding the giraffe romaine lettuce, he started offering it Doritos, as though he pitied the giraffe and its green diet.  Cracked me up.
He did finally loosen up toward the end.
We also celebrated Mom's birthday a couple of times with some ice cream and cake.  Atticus LOVED both.  We had our dear Whitakers over on Sunday so Bowman got in on the candle action, as well.  Love those boys!

Then it was time for them to go.  It was as hard for me to see them go as it was for Atticus.  Thank heavens for Facetime!

Atticus wasn't sad for long, though, because my dad and step-mom made the trip down just four days later!  We had a blast with them at a local park.


We even got to see my dad's brother, Uncle David, a couple of times with his cute girlfriend Judy.

The time we were able to spend, just hanging out with them, was precious.
And like that, April was over!  Three weeks until our next visitor comes!  Hooray!